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Lent & Easter Scripts

  • Beneath The Cross
    A short sketch/reading for a Maundy Thursday or Good Friday service, this is a scene of Peter, James, John, Mary, and Mary Magdalene addressing their confusion and grief to an unseen Jesus on the cross.
  • I Could Have Saved Him
    A dramatic monlogue by Pilate who believed he held Christ's fate in his hands and could have saved him.
  • Just One Word
    A dramatic, celebratory monologue by Mary Magdalene on Easter morning.
  • Maundy Thursday
    A dramatic sketch re-enacting the last supper and foot washing.
  • New Creation Reading
    A readers theater/responsive reading that weaves together creation, Easter, and Revelation.
  • Seven Words
    An Easter responsive reading that relates Christ's seven words from the cross to our lives today.
  • Shepherd of Israel
    A dramatic monologue by the high priest Caiaphas, who sees himself as the hero of Holy Week.
  • Simon's Story
    A dramatic monologue based on the story of Simon of Cyrene, who carried Jesus' cross.
  • The Lost Sacrifice
    A dramatic monologue (set just after Jesus has cleansed the temple) by a worshiper who was trying to buy a dove for a sacrifice and now doesn't know how he or she can appease God.
  • The Messiah Comes
    A dramatic monologue from a particpant of Jesus' Palm Sunday entrance into Jerusalem - a zealot who is expecting a political Messsiah.
  • The Spirit is Willing
    A dramatic monologue by Peter in the Garden of Gethsemane as he fights to stay awake and reflects on his struggles to be faithful to Jesus.