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Get innovative Christian church drama resources here! Sketches, monologues, readings, and films - at Over The Top Publishing you can find all kinds of innovative drama ministry resources for your church worship service or youth group.

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Over The Top Publishing sketches are available for purchase and download individually. Start out by downloading a free sketch. We think you'll like it.

There is something about the use of drama in worship and youth ministry. Sermons most often speak to us intellectually. Music touches us emotionally. Drama can be where both meet. Drama is a unique tool for getting people in touch with their feelings and stimulating thought. It can make concepts personal and bring the ancient stories of scripture to life. No wonder Jesus used the related art of storytelling so much in his preaching.

Our desire is that these pieces will truly be acts of worship in your church - that they will help people see the love of God and the life of following God in new and clearer ways. Look around the site. We hope you'll like it. We hope you'll use some of our sketches for the glory of Christ.

In Christ,
The OTTP guys...

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