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This is a missions monologue featuring Lottie Moon as she leaves behind all that she has ever known and sets off for China.

Few missionaries are as famous as Lottie Moon, and her story illustrates the sacrifices made by the first modern missionaries. Lottie Moon wrote that when she left America she never expected to see home again. Missionary appointment generally was "for life," and there were no regular furloughs or retirement.

When she arrived in China it was very hard for her to get acquainted with the Chinese people, because of the language and culture differences. She started baking cookies for the kids, but the kids were told that the cookies had some kind of disease. Finally, they started eating them and Lottie became known as the "cookie lady".

Partially using Lottie Moon's own words, this monologue discusses the situation, thoughts, and feelings of nineteenth century missionaries and the desire for Kingdom work that called them halfway around the world.

Related scriptures:
1 Corinthians 6:20
Luke 10:2
Matthew 19:29

Cast: 1 woman
Approx. running time: 3 min


Price: $8.00

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